How The App Works

Quick Steps:
1. Position the camera toward the floor and turn it around to calibrate your phone's cameras - to get things ready for the AR (Augmented Reality) magic.
2. When the calibration sign disappears, aim the pointer at a corner of the room, tap the green button and then move to next corner.
3. Once you get back to the starting point, the pointer will snap into place -- closing the room shape.
4. To view surface products in a room, tap on the Product icon and select a texture to apply to the area.
5. Continue measuring additional rooms if needed. And when finished, tap the Check Mark icon to complete your floorplan and you can then email it to a local flooring store or contractor.

Key Uses For The App


Measure Room Areas

Room area measurements for flooring
Areas for kitchen cabinets
Room perimeters for base moulding
Room areas for furniture placements and fit tests


Measure Office Spaces

Space and cubicle planning
Floor fire exit safety diagrams
Office floor plans
Wire plans and flooring


Plan Inspections

Sports gem layouts
Outdoor facility measurements
Site inspections and diagramming
Crime site measurements